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Radio Filter

Molex 510060200 2.00mm Pitch Wire Harness 

Hirose DF14-20S-1.25C To FI-S20S Custom LVDS Cable

IPEX 20453 Mirco MCC MCX Coax Cable Assembly

IDC Ribbon Cable Harness with Ferrite

Cable harness with ferrite core for IDC ribbon cables

IDC Flat Ribbon Cable Assembly

16pin 2.54mm pitch IDC cable for PCB

1.27mm Pitch MICRO-MaTCH IDC Ribbon Cable

MICRO-MaTCH Ribbon Cable 1.27mm pitch

40P 45P FPC Micro Coaxial Cable Assemblies For Camera

MCX cable soldered with FPC on both ends

10P 20P SSL20 Series MCX Cable Assemblies

SSL20-10SSB-010-C. SSL series is a 0.5 mm pitch micro coaxial