Product Detail

IPEX 20453 Mirco MCC MCX Coax Cable Assembly



Miniature size for space-constrained applications. High-speed data transmission with low-loss performance. Excellent signal quality and impedance control. Flexible routing and installation options. Enhanced EMI/RFI shielding for signal integrity. Durable and reliable construction. Wide application range in various industries.


Similar I-PEX Micro coax Cable connector that we use for the cable assembly: I-PEX 20453-220T-13,I-PEX 20453-230T-13,I-PEX 20453-240T-13,I-PEX 20453-250T-13S, I-PEX 20455-A20E,I-PEX 20455-030E,I-PEX 20455-040E,I-PEX 20455-050E, I-PEX 20454-220T,I-PEX 20454-230T,I-PEX 20454-240T,I-PEX 20454-250T, I-PEX 2574-1203,I-PEX 2574-1303,I-PEX 2574-1403,I-PEX 2574-1503,I-PEX 2576-120, I-PEX 2576-130,I-PEX 2576-140,I-PEX 2576-150,I-PEX 20453-240T