Flat Flex Cable for DJI Phantom 2

Flat Flex Cable for DJI Phantom 2

Replacement repair parts of Flat Flex Cable for DJI Phantom 2

  • Product No.: 2018127115324


  • Engineered 100% DJI compatible w/extra heavy power traces for higher performance
  • High quality, better tear resistant polyimide (PI) w/ immersion gold contacts
  • Tabbed split tape at bends pre-installed allowing easier ribbon cable installation
  • All cables are 100% electrically tested for high reliability by our technology department
  • High Quality, Tear Resistant Polyimide (PI) w/ Immersion Gold Contacts

This is the original DJI replacement ribbon cable for the Phantom camera. This is not the camera or drone itself. You should be tech savy to be able to install this cable as they are very sensitive to breakage and not returnable if they tear. Has double sided tape where needed. These cables are very hard to find and have been priced accordingly. It is still much cheaper than replacing the whole camera which sells for a minimum of $679 here depending on availability.   


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