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All links and steps of wiring harness processing

All links and steps of wiring harness processing

Acceptance session: It is mainly a acceptance of the ingredients. You can use the ROHS instrument or other instruments for basic testing. The main harmful substances that are mainly accepted are lead, mercury, cadmium, and bromine phenyl bromybenzhenyl ether.

Put the qualified wire on the transit frame and send the wire. At this time, you should pay attention to avoid scratching the surface of the wire.

Pinerials; at this time, the tailor must be used to cut the wires into the required length.

When operating the offline machine, pay attention to the following safety points: A, the wire must be stopped immediately after the wire is hit, and the wires can continue to be turned off after the wires are rational. B. We must pay attention to the cooling and cooling of the offline machine, otherwise a data failure will occur.

Dipping: The insulation outer skin is performed according to the SOP requirements, mainly using a pneumatic peeling machine

The pneumatic peeling machine is a wire stripping machine that uses compressed air to peel the intermediate peeling of the wires in order to connect other wires to the scattered position of the wire. The device uses the pneumatic foot switch to control the starting and stop of the stripping line, and can peel up at most three wires at the same time.

     When the gas peeling machine operates, pay attention to the following safety points: A, when multiple wires are peeled at the same time, the wire body must be parallel and should not be overlapped, otherwise the wire body will be cut off. B. Pay attention not to enter the scope of the scope of the thread -strip blade and the stroke of the thread, otherwise it will hurt your hands.

Twist line: Sort and twist the conductor at the connector. Mainly use a twisting machine.

Riveting: Use the terminal machine to rive the conductor and plug -in terminal.

Key points: The pressure connection must first carefully check the type, specifications, color and terminal specifications of the wires on the card. The first product must be specially inspected by self -inspection and inspectors of appearance and tensile.

Overcoming: assemble the processed wire beam, mainly assembled plastic plug -in shells.

Test the final test of the product, you can pack it after passing.

A. When the electrical inspection is qualified, the computer will be qualified and a long -term tweeting prompt

B. In the appearance of the wiring beam, the phenomenon of rolling the tape or the tape contracted rolled, and the wire is not allowed to show up until the glue phenomenon
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